By Ricardo Rodriguez & Matthew Mesick
On episode #5 of the Profits Over Wages Podcast, we sit down and talk to Tony Reyes - he is a Marine and is the founder and CEO of Walton Contractors. Walton Contractors was just named the 197th fastest growing company in America by Inc Magazine. Tony and his team does storm restoration, general construction, and rehabbing and flipping for both investors as well as themselves.

On this episode we talk about being a positive role model and getting involved in your community, why veterans make great entrepreneurs and business owners, and tips from Tony on how to find, vet, and hire great contractors
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02:10 - Tony’s story and how he got started in real estate
02:45 - Why veterans make great entrepreneurs
06:07 - Book: Think and Grow Rich
07:29 - Link: Tony Robbins
07:31 - Link: Brian Tracy
08:16 - Tony's first deal
09:05 - Gunshot story in the south side of Chicago
11:20 - Why things go wrong on your first deal
12:43 - First deal horror story episode
14:00 - Biggest part of the puzzle when doing rehab projects
15:04 - People will do what you inspect, not what you expect
16:42 - What makes Walton contractors different
18:05 - Cicero boys club and why Tony joined the board
22:18 - On being a great role model
23:14 - Walton Contractors, REZ Furniture and The Dapper Club coming together to help victims of the Mexico City earthquake
24:50 - Tony’s story on trying to get supplies past the Mexican border
27:00 - El Salvador earthquake 2001
27:10 - Ricardo’s earthquake story
29:30 - What Tony and Walton are up to now
32:30 - Building relationships in business
33:40 - Walton’s biggest competitive advantage
37:37 - Walton Contractors business model
43:23 - Matt and Ricardo’s deal analyzing formula
44:50 - Tony on finding good contractors
53:25 - Tony’s thoughts on the Chicago real estate market
54:48 - On adjusting your plans with that’s going on the market
59:07 - Walton's recipe for success and growing rapidly
1:00:45 - Tony advice to people who want to get started in real estate investing
1:04:50 - Getting in touch with Tony and Walton Contractors


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