Weekly Interviews with Highly Successful Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Ricardo Rodriguez & Matthew Mesick discuss life, business, and entrepreneurship to bring forward the lessons learned from success and failure. And most importantly have fun while doing it.

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Episode # Guest Topic Release Date
57 Andrew Wynn Utilizing tech to make home maintenance effortless 07/17/2019
56 Eachan Fletcher Reimagining property pmanagement through smart technology 06/18/2019
55 Anatoly Nirshberg Revolutionizing the mortgage industry 05/07/2019
54 Nabil Khalifa From petroleum engineer to building a global techwear brand 04/22/2019
53 C. Gordon Moose Find your focus 03/27/2019
52 Tony P & Greg Dekalb Mastering the art of networking 02/25/2019
51 Cory Boatright Wholesaling 100 Properties a Year 02/18/2019
50 Jai Sephora Serial entrepreneur: Real estate lending, forex trading, DJ, restaurateur, and cannabis 02/11/2019
49 Johanna Diaz Credit repair: How to boost your credit today 12/17/2018
48 Baxtie Rodriguez House flipping, home inspections & running a family business 11/15/2018
47 David Ubeda How to take your small business to the next level 10/08/2018
46 Fernando Angelucci How to wholesale real estate like a boss 09/26/2018
45 Alisa Levin The art of running multiple businesses simultaneously 09/04/2018
44 Matt Laricy A hustler's mentality: What it takes to become a top real estate agent 08/27/2018
43 Boyan Salha Unleashing the power of vision: From Swiss trained watchmaker to real estate investor 08/20/2018
42 Special Edition The Habits of 23 Highly Successful Business Owners & Entrepreneurs 08/07/2018
41 Tamiel Kenney Secrets To Success From a Multi Family Investor With 3,500+ Units 08/03/2018
40 Special edition Get that money: 5 ways to finance real estate deals 07/23/2018
39 Emil Khodorkovsky From immigrant to owning $250 million of real estate 07/16/2018
38 Bob McIntosh Get our of your own way: Done is better than perfect 07/09/2018
37 Joel Schaub The $100 million mortgage man 07/02/2018
36 Ann Havenwood Becoming a sexy boss: Empowering women to pursue business and entrepreneurship 06/25/2018
35 Stefan Aarnio Becoming a self-made millionaire in your 20's 06/18/2018
34 Jefferson Lilly Why the mobile homes park industry is a compelling business 06/11/2018
33 Rosario Terracciano The importance of persistence: What separatees the winners from the wannabes 06/04/2018
32 Jeff Schechter High return turnkey real estate investing 05/31/2018
31 Phil Singleton The ultimate SEO guide for small business owners 05/24/2018
30 Special Edition Do you have favorite failure? Is there one that set you up for a future sucess? 05/14/2018
29 Nick Kats Creating value for your community through real estate development 05/07/2018
28 John Singh Network marketing and the 5 keys of money mastery 04/24/2018
27 Ali Boone Buying turnkey rental properties, business consulting, & hiring virtual assistants 04/16/2018
26 Miguel Paloma & Tony Arce Creating a personal brand for you business 04/09/2018
25 Andrew Holmes Top real estate investor in the country - 1,000+ deals in less than 10 years 04/02/2018
24 Nick Libert Keeping it real: How 10 years of hard work makes you an overnight success 03/26/2018
23 Michael Gunderson Real estate law, mentorship & The Cubs 03/19/2018
22 Joseph Land Pushing through 7 years of no profits to $189 million annually 03/12/2018
21 Veronica Jacobo Insurance: Why you NEED it 03/05/2018
20 Lane Ethridge Creating a vision, the law of attraction, and making money in crypto 02/26/2018
19 Adam Feather The wolf of Wrigley 02/19/2018
18 Ryan Scialabba Building a multi-million dollar real estate business (before the age of 25) 02/12/2018
17 Vito Glazers Investing in apartment buildings, digital marketing, PR, and reputation management 02/05/2018
16 James Dentley Networking, business building & coaching 01/29/2018
15 Jeffrey Tandoc Transitioning from corporate CFO to entrepreneur & CEO 01/22/2018
14 Eddie Garcia $0 to $126 million in 5 years 01/15/2018
13 Billy Colestock & Yesenia Nogales How to successfully run a business and invest with your significant other 01/08/2018
12 Mikyle Jessen & Francisco Villa Raising $100 million of capital in 10 years 12/18/2017
11 Theresa Panzica Why most short sales fail to close and what to do about it 12/11/2017
10 Ryan Garcilazo Why your contractor keeps screwing you over and how to stop it 12/04/2017
9 Joshua Inglis Why your house isn't selling: The blueprint to sell any house 11/26/2017
8 Ricardo Perez Finding your why: The power of purpose in entrepreneurship 11/19/2017
7 Jose Baeza Keeping good company: How surrounding yourself with successful people contributes to your success 11/13/2017
6 Frank Montro Secrets of success on becoming a top real estate agent with one of Chicago's top 1% producers, Frank Montro 11/05/2017
5 Tony Reyes Contracting & flipping houses with a focus on integrity & community 10/30/2017
4 Kirby Atwell Investing with a purpose: Providing work & housing to veterans while being eco-friendly 10/22/2017
3 Arpan Patel Buying & financing rental properties & Managing contractors 10/16/2017
2 George Cuevas Advanced marketing techniques to selling your house fast 10/09/2017
1 Kamil Drezek Transitioning from a 9 to 5 employees to a full-time business owner & entrepreneur 10/01/2017