#13 - How to Successfully Run a Business and Invest with your Significant Other with Billy Colestock & Yesenia Nogales
By Ricardo Rodriguez & Matthew Mesick
On episode #13 of the Profits Over Wages Podcast, we talked to husband and wife real estate duo, Billy Colestock and Yesenia Nogales from sunny San Diego - they are real estate brokers and investors and have been in the real estate industry since 2007. They also own a property management company called WeLease and believe in having a business worth owning, a career worth having, and life worth living. And on top of all of that Billy also hosts a show on Facebook called Real Estate Shake-Up with fellow investor and broker, Andrew Greer.

On this episode we talk about, why finding a partner that compliments your strengths is key, why you can’t be afraid of failing and how failures often set you up for future successes, and why being humble when starting out and seeking mentors can be the best thing you can do.
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Get in contact with Billy and Yesenia

Billy Colestock

Yesenia Nogales

Socal Lifestyle Realty
Phone number: (619) 787 - 4066
Website: www.socallifestylerealty.com

We Lease San Diego
Phone number: (619) 618 - 9115

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