#21 - INSURANCE - Why You NEED It with Veronica Jacobo
By Ricardo Rodriguez & Matthew Mesick
On Episode #21 of the Profits Over Wages Podcast, we sit down with Veronica Jacobo - She is an accomplished professional with over 15 years of banking and insurance experience and recently fulfilled her lifelong dream of opening her own insurance agency. As a local Farmers agency owner, she has access to highly reputable insurance companies and uses the strengths of each company’s product and services in alignment with her client’s specific needs. Veronica values the importance of establishing a sense of loyalty and trust, and it is important to her that her clients have a thorough understanding of how the products and coverage plans will work for them.

On today's show, Veronica shares with us why you shouldn’t look at insurance as just an expense or an afterthought, running a client first business, making the transition from employee to business owner, and the challenges when starting your own agency and how to overcome them.

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On this episode you will learn about:

- About Veronica
-Veronica’s background in the banking industry
-What makes Veronica’s business different
-What made Veronica make the jump from working a 9 to 5 job to starting her own agency
-Type of insurance every entrepreneur, investor and general contractor must have
-What type of insurances are needed for rehab projects and why
-What type of insurance is needed for rental properties and why
-Challenges Veronica encountered when she first started her agency and how she overcame them
-Establishing a relationship with an agency
-Working with the right attorney
-What is a living trust and why you should have one
-Horror insurance stories

Question round
-If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
-What was the worst piece of advice you ever got?
-What habits helped make you successful?
-What would you change about the insurance industry?
-Have you ever turned down a client and why?
-What living or dead person other than family members do you most admire?
-Do you have a morning routine?
-What is one thing you find to be true that most people would disagree with?
-Why do you do what you do? What gets you through the tough times?
-Do you have a favorite failure? Is there one that set you up for a future success?

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