Get out of Your Own Way: Done Is Better Than Perfect with Bob McIntosh

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  • 09 July, 2018
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About Bob McIntosh

Bob is a #1 best selling Amazon author, business owner, and entrepreneur. He has extensive expertise in the areas of mindset, real estate investing, internet marketing, sales funnels, and online businesses. His book, “Get Out of Your Own Way”, hit #1 the day it launched in multiple categories and hit numbers 2, 3 and 4 in dozens of other categories. He has been featured on over 30 podcasts and counting and is a founding member of the Forbes Real Estate Council providing direction and information in the real estate space for Forbes readers.

About the Episode

In this episode we talk about how to get out of your own way – why done is better perfect, the current state of the real estate market when it comes to flips, and practical and simple ways to generate leads online organically through SEO.

Bob also gives us an insight into his next book on how to become the general of your business instead of the soldier and how The Absolute Best or TAB retreat came about and why you should be there next time around.

Show Notes

  • Who is Bob McIntosh?
  • We talk about Bob’s start in real estate investing in 2008
  • Bob talks about his first deal, what went wrong and what not do on your first deal
  • Bob talks about his first parents being his first business partners
  • Bob talks about lowering the amount of rehabs he and his team is doing and why he is switching to rentals
  • We talk about Bob’s Book: Get our of your own way
  • Bob goes in depth about how anyone can self-publish a book on amazon
  • How to create a buzz the right way for your upcoming book
  • Bob talks about what writing a book does for your personal brand and business
  • Bob gives us an insight into his next book on how to become the general of your business instead of the soldier
  • How did you get into internet marketing?
  • What are some practical steps to generate leads organically online?
  • Bob talks about the TAB retreat, what it is and how it came about

Question Round

  • What habits helped make you successful?
  • If you had the chance to start over, what would you do differently?
  • What is your best hiring tip or secret?
  • What was the worst piece of advice that you ever got?
  • Do you have a favorite failure? Is there one that set you up for a future success?
  • How do you stay motivated?
  • What is your one piece of advice for someone just starting out?

Connect with Bob McIntosh

Facebook: Bob McIntosh
LinkedIn: Bob McIntosh
TAB Retreat:

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