The Habits of 23 Highly Successful Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

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  • 07 August, 2018
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About This Episode

On Episode #42 of the Profits Over Wages Podcast we switch it up a bit and bring you another special edition of the podcast. I’ve always been fascinated by the mindset of high achievers, the truth is, that was one of my biggest reasons to start this podcast, their discipline, their failures, their comeback stories, the determination in their eyes in the face of obstacles. And if you’re like me and ever wondered why getting ahead can sometimes seem like such a struggle, the truth is: if you want to be highly successful, you need to be highly disciplined.

Since episode #10 of the podcast we started asking a series of questions to our guests, in an attempt to figure out what successful business owners and entrepreneurs are doing which has helped them achieve success and is giving them an edge. On this episode, 23 of our guests share the habits they’ve used to help them get ahead in business & life.

Show Notes

Books mentioned in this episode:

In order of appearance:

  • Ryan Garcilazo, founder of The Rehab Depot from Episode #10
  • Jeffrey “The Moneyman” Tandoc, who went from corporate CFO to entrepreneur and CEO from Episode #15
  • James Dentley, the ultimate businessman entrepreneur from Episode #16
  • Ryan Scialabba, co-founder of Urban Capital Group – Pittsburgh’s top residential fix and flip company from Episode #18
  • Veronica Jacobo, accomplished professional and insurance agency owner from Episode #21
  • Joseph Land, lifelong entrepreneur, investor and coach and overall amazing guy from Episode #22
  • Michael Gunderson, founder of the Gunderson Law Firm from Episode #23
  • Nick Libert, owner of Exit Strategy Realty in Chicago and #1 office in the country out of 600 offices from Episode #24
  • Andrew Holmes, top real estate investor in the country – 1,000+ deals in less than 10 years from Episode #25
  • Miguel Paloma and Tony Arce, Co-Founders of Red Ivy Studios, personal branding experts and overall great guys from Episode #26
  • John Singh, serial entrepreneur who he has started and run over 20 businesses in his career and thrived in the network marketing industry from Episode #28
  • Nick Kats, Chicago native and local real estate entrepreneur with over 20 years of broker & investment experience from Episode #29
  • Phil Singleton, web designer, SEO expert and award-winning author from Episode #31
  • Jeff Schechter, web designer, life long entrepreneur & co-founder of High Return Real Estate and host of his own podcast, “The High Return Real Estate Show” from Episode #32
  • Rosario Terracciano, CEO and co-founder of Click Invest and overall amazing guy from Episode #33
  • Jefferson Lilly, mobile home park expert, educator, industry consultant and host of his own podcast, “Mobile Home Park Investors”, the first podcast dedicated to investing in mobile home parks from Episode #34
  • Stefan Aarnio, self-made millionaire, award winning real estate entrepreneur, coach, public speaker, author of several books and host of his own show called “Respect The Grind Podcast” from Episode #35
  • Heather Havenwood, serial entrepreneur, coach, author, named one of the top must followed women entrepreneurs by the Huffington Post, and host of her own show called “The Win” from Episode #36
  • Joel Schaub, the 100 million dollar mortgage man and overall amazing and super friendly guy from Episode #37
  • Bob McIntosh, amazon best selling author, business owner, entrepreneur, and co-founder of the TAB retreat from Episode #38
  • Emil Khodorkovsky, Russian immigrant, self-made man, entrepreneur and founder of Forbix which has been involved in over $3 billion of debt funding from Episode #39
  • Tamiel Kenney, full time real estate investor, apartment syndicator, 3-time amazon best selling author, mother of 2, and co-founder of Think Multifamily from Episode #41

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